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Welcome to the Black Talons!

Black Talons was formed back in March of 2001 from the table top game Battletech. From there it didn’t take long for the members to move into the PC world of gaming in the MechWarrior series.

With the closing of a great series and the dawn of MMO’s coming around, Black Talons soon made its home in DAoC where it stayed for some 5 years. Black Talons was formed on the ideal of gaming at others expenses; Black Talons has always enjoyed the aspects of gaming where griefing, ganking, and other forms of harassment were allowed.

Continuing to carry on that tradition, Black Talons formally known as Ascending Souls has taken back up their old name in an effort to get back to what they enjoy rather than try to appeal to the masses of the gaming community.As games come and go, Black Talon members have always enjoyed the family atmosphere and tight knit gaming friendships made.

No matter what game they decide to partake in, they will have fun at others expense and continue to grow with devoted and loyal true members.

Welcome to the Black Talons.

If you are new and looking to join, goto the forums and read the sticky in the general section before applying. Thanks.




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